Basic Rules

RN Basic Rules

These rules are based on the RN Code. They specify the necessary aspects for the respective series.


1: General Conditions:

1.1: Participants must be able to hear the admins on voice chat.

1.2: Participants must be recognizable in all series areas.


2: Software:

2.1: The following simulation software is currently being used:

– Current simulation software

– Current modification software

2.2: Changes to the originality of the software may only be done with the permission of the admins. Unauthorised changes may result in penalties.

2.3: Changing the originality of the software for personal competitive advantage will result in penalties.


3: Server Configuration / Racing Conditions:

3.1: The following driving aids may be allowed (depending on the series):

– clutch help

– low traction control

– low anti lock system

– reduced vulnerability

3.2: Server configuration / racing conditions may vary. Information will be given as early as possible.


4: Race Information:

4.1: The race thread must be read and minded. It contains the vital information for the race.

4.2: Briefing: During the briefing drivers must pay attention carefully. They are expected to know and mind everything addressed.


5: Trackside Rules:

5.1: Racing:

5.1.1: Physical contact with other cars or relevant track objects is not allowed.

5.1.2: Blocking in form of placing oneself infront of the opponent / hindering him on his way forward is not allowed. The opponent must always have the possibility to get beside.

5.1.3: Sqeezing / pushing the opponent to the limits of the race track is allowed as long as he is given enough space.

5.1.4: Positions gained by unfair driving, for example shortcutting or jumpstarting, must be given back.

5.1.5: Unless leaving or entering the pits, driving on the apron is not allowed. Exceptions will be addressed respectively.

5.2: Slow / damaged cars:

5.2.1: Missing parts (such as wings) must be repaired.

5.2.2: If the car is too damaged to drive safely and match minimum performance requirements, it must be repaired. If the reparation proves ineffective, the driver must retire.

5.2.3: Drivers in slow cars must try to not disturb others. They must behave predictably and keep as far away from the racing line as possible.

5.3: When entering and exiting the pits, the full apron must be used. Slowing down on the racing area is not allowed. Exceptions to this rule will be addressed respectively.

5.4: Starts and restarts:

5.4.1: The grid must wait for the green by rFactor for (re)starts.

5.4.2: At (re)starts, when green flies, overtaking before the Start / Finish line is allowed.

5.4.3: For safety reasons, we recommend drivers to stagger / drive in zig-zag formation during the pacing / yellows.

5.5: Yellow Flag:

5.5.1: During local yellows passing is allowed.

5.5.2: During full course yellows passing is not allowed.

5.5.3: The physical leader of the grid must keep enough distance to the pace car.

5.5.3: If necessary, when the race (re)starts, the physical leader must accelerate to a reasonable speed before green. This will be addressed respectively when applied.

5.6: Blue Flag:

5.6.1: Blue flagged drivers are to let the lapping drivers by as soon as possible in an as safe as possible way.

5.6.2: Lapped drivers may only pass the lapping drivers if they are clearly and consistently faster or if the lapping drivers agree to have the lapped drivers race them.

5.7: For safety reasons, drivers must inform about their pit entrance and exit.

The message must be: “{Name} entering pits.” / “{Name} exiting pits.”

Example: “John Miller entering pits” / “John Miller exiting pits.”


6: Administration and Interference:

6.1: In case of organisational problems, the administrators will consult and inform about the decisions made.

6.2: Administrators will interfere as they see fit.


7: Official Cases and Forms:

7.1: We encourage drivers to try to discuss and solve problems before starting an administrative procedure. They are advised to wait until they have calmed down and analyse the case while in a relaxed mood. If they still feel the need to report or protest then they can do so as instructed by the following forms:

7.2: Reports:

If you want to report an issue then send the demanded info below to

Only original recordings (such as replays) will be accepted as evidence.

7.3: Form:

Your Name:

Name(s) of the involved:

Place and time of the case:



7.4: Protests:

If you want to protest against a decision made by the admins then send the demanded info below to

Only original recordings (such as replays) will be accepted as evidence.

7.5: Protest Format:

Your Name:

Name(s) of the involved:

Place and time of the case:




8: Penalties:

8.1: Penalties are based on the regulations and most of all consideration of the admins.

8.2: If instead of apenalty a warning is issued, that warning should be minded as a signal to improve oneself.


9: Championship Points and Scoring:

9.1: The results of the 2 highest scoring drivers are counted for team scoring.

9.2: In case of a tie, the driver/team who reached the position/score first has the advantage.

9.3: Unless a red flagged race is treated otherwise, the standings of the last recorded lap will be referred to for final results.

9.4: Points matrix

Position 1 2 3 4  5
 6   7  8
11 12
Points 24 20 18 16 14 12  10 8 6 4 2 1